Terms of Use

The company aims to create opportunities for engineering practitioners as well as for students. To accomplish this endeavor the company expects users of the company’s website, social media platforms and other digital and physical resources to abide by the copyright notices and privacy policies. A list of do’s and don't(s) for users is mentioned herewith:

  • What is allowed:
  1. Sharing of contents of the website such as blogs and others by giving credit to the company & content creator or both.
  2. Collaboration is welcomed and the company can be reached with appropriate proposals for work and future collaboration.
  3. The personal data of the users will be protected by the company and will be only used for updates and affairs concerning the company and its affiliates.
  4. Sharing and spreading information about events, information and updates.
  5. Joining the company and working to create opportunities together with us.
  • What is not allowed:
  1. Any imitation of the design and concept of the website and concept of the company.
  2. Any replication of contents such as blogs, videos and other similar resources.
  3. Duplication or regeneration of concept of the working strategies and other features of the website.
  4. Redistribution of purchased contents to those who don’t own the privileges.
  5. Mis-use of personal data and information of company employees and other users of the website.
  6. Any act of humiliation, personal abuse or any unethical activity.